About Brijnath Ayurved Bhawan

" Brijnath Ayurved " is the thought of Mr. Veerendra Singh that is forworded by Mr. Ramesh Singh and being recanised in 1992.
Our aim in the Brijnath Ayurved Bhawan to mantain the quality of natural medicins and Purchage it and ofter right evalution mix with Sovit Liquid in right queentity to make proper and effiective medicition.

In this processc it is nessarry to maintain its quality.
So we are useing moden and traditional manufacturing process without any interruption. Our aim is not only to gain profit but also to work in the improvement of Ayurveda.

We think that it is a big crime to manufactor bad quality of medician for competition and outer showup.
So we think that it is right to request to give our best quality natural medicians on right value for the ayurved world. We belive that the traclers Doctors will give coutinve opportunities thought their help. We belive that the traclers and phisicians brother will give contivut opportumity by their help.

M.D Dr. Ramesh Singh

Address: Ayurved gram Nagla Sardar,
Kachaura, Hathras - 204211 - U.P , India

Yogesh Kumar : Phone: +91 -9720669857
Brajesh Kumar Phone: +91 -8979125633

Email: info@brijnathayurved.com