About Kupipakva Rasayan

Kupipakva Rasayan is has been very effective in curing various diseases even the incurable ones. The manufacturing process of Kupipakva Rasayan includes Tal Sindur, Siddh Makradhwaj, Ras Manikya and many more. We are capable of delivering small as well as bulk quantities of the Ayurvedic Rasayan in promised frame of time. We can make available the Ayurvedic Rasayan in any part of the nation.
“Kupi” stands for fireproof bottles, “Pakva” stands for prepared by using fire, “Rasa” stands for mercury and “Ayana” stands for abode.
The therapeutic agents prepared by this technique and having Sulphur as one of its ingredients are known as Sagandha Kupipakva Rasayana others that do not have Sulphur as one of its ingredients are called as Nirgandha Kupipakva Rasayana.